- Acta Historica Tallinnensia  (electronic) (EST/ ENG/ GER)Acta Historica Tallinnensia publishes peer-reviewed primary research papers in the Estonian, English and German languages. Papers dealing with any aspect of history are welcome on fully international basis. The papers should be written in clear, proper language and meet the following requirements. ISSN 1736-7476 (electronic)    ...

 - Annals of Tourism Research
Annals of Tourism Research is a social sciences journal focusing upon the academic perspectives of tourism. While striving for a balance of theory and application, Annals is ultimately dedicated to developing theoretical constructs. Its strategies are to invite and encourage offerings from various disciplines; to serve  ...

 - Baltic Journal of PsychologyThe `Batic Journal of Psychology` is published by the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Latvija. The journal publishes original papers on current issues in psychology as well as mpirical, theoretical and practical articles on broad aspects of psychology. 

 - Estonia Journal of Earth Sciences 

 - Estonia Journal of Ecology 

 - Estonian Journal of Archaeology 

 - Estonian Journal of Engineering 

 - Filosofija 6. Almanahs Том 6 -2007г. Том 7 - 2008г, Том 8 - 2009г. 

 - Haridus 


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