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In November 1970 the Hearst Corporation’s Harper's Bazaar UK (founded in 1929) and Queen magazine (which dated from 1862) amalgamated to form Harpers & Queen. The magazine focused on British "high society" and the lives of socialites and the British aristocracy. Over the last 5 years it has repositioned itself as Harper's Bazaar, bringing it in line with its international sister titles. The magazine no longer concerns itself with the narrow interests of the society world and is very meritocratic in terms of who it will feature. Recent interviews have included subjects as diverse as the actor/director George Clooney, artist Richard Prince and British singer Leona Lewis.

The magazine has won several awards, including Consumer Magazine of the Year. The editor Lucy Yeomans won the BSME Editor's Editor award in 2007. The Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar UK is Alison Edmond.

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